Our Play and Youth sessions engage children and young people with play and divisionary activities in local parks. Our aim is to promote physical and mental health by engaging them in sports, team games, team building exercises, problem solving, arts and crafts and nature-based activities.

CJ started attending sessions in May 2020 as a way to run off some energy after a long day at school. He was keen to join in with others, however he was struggling with his behaviour. He loved playing football but wasn't allowed to play for his school or local team due to his use of foul language and outbursts of anger. 

Focusing on his love of Football, our Youth Support Workers began working with him to put in place an agreement that would help him to be mindful of his language and find ways to manage his feelings and his anger. He is particularly good at target practice, and was soon regularly beating staff in competitions! 

Our team made sure they were there to work with CJ each week, building up a trusting relationship with him so that he knew he always had someone to talk to. 

I feel less angry, and now I know where to go if I need help.


Luckily the pandemic hasn't stopped CJ from engaging with the team as we have been able to continue our sessions during Lockdown on an invitation basis. Since engaging with our team he has virtually stopped using swear words, which is a real development for CJ.