By the age of 16, Ruby was struggling at school, taking drugs, smoking, and going out without letting her parents know where she was or when she was coming home. She struggled to control her anger, and on multiple occasions it escalated to violence both at home and at school.

Ruby’s mum came to Youth Options in hopes that our Families Together project could help. We enrolled her Mum on one of our NVR courses, and offered Ruby 3 hours of Youth Support work once a week.

Over time, our staff created a trusting relationship with Ruby. As she grew more comfortable, she started sharing her thoughts on what was happening at home and college and began to realise that there were other ways to deal with her anger rather than resorting to violence and abusive language.

As time went on Ruby was not only recognising how to change her behaviour, but was look positively towards the future. During one session Ruby brought a book which she had written different goals for herself in it. This was such a huge progress!

Ruby wanted to quit smoking, stop taking drugs, focus on her studies, and work on her relationships with her family. 

I've realised how bad smoking is for my health. Also when I have children, I don't want them exposed to drugs like I was.


The relationship between Ruby and her Mum was going from strength to strength, spending more quality time together whether it was a coffee, lunch or going shopping. After one of the sessions Ruby went home and made herself, her mum and step-dad a sandwich. This was noted by Mum who said she had never done something like that for them before.