When Holly, a 7 year old child in a new foster placement, first joined Impact she was quiet, shy and reluctant to join in the activities.

The team quickly learnt about her love for Disney music, dancing, and anything to do with princesses! Once staff had got to know Holly more, they were then able to further tailor activities to engage and support Holly to achieve during sessions and her confidence began to grow.

One week she had such a positive session that she was awarded Impact 'Star of the Week' and had the HUGE responsibility of looking after Pudsey for the week! Holly was thrilled and her carer took her and Pusey to McDonalds to celebrate.

Holly couldn't wait to tell us about the adventures they had at the next session! She even took some photos to show the children and staff what they had been up to.

As sessions have continued, Holly’s confidence, self-esteem and ability to communicate has grown more and more which has been noticed by her carer, staff and visitors.

We are so happy that we are able to offer young people like Holly the chance to come together in a safe environment, have fun, feel positive about their situation, and the knowledge and skills they need to make positive decisions for their futures.