Steve was referred to Youth Options by his school after a rough year at home. He cannot live with his Mum, and his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and sadly passed away later the same year. He now lives with his Nan. 

Since his father’s diagnosis Steve’s behaviour became so poor that his timetable was reduced to 9 hours a week and he was still struggling to engage with that many hours. At home, he was spending a lot of time playing video games, had a poor diet, bad sleeping patterns, and his Nan was concerned for his health and wellbeing.

When Tom started working with Steve, he was very quiet and did not want to talk. The only thing that got him talking was his love of video games. As the weeks went on Steve began to open up more and more about many things including his anger. He recognised that the main things that made him angry were video games, school, and his Dad's passing. 

Tom introduced Steve to basic breathing techniques and local areas he could walk to in order to calm down. Steve’s Nan was also on board and was willing to allow him the time and space when he was angry to leave the house and go to one of these areas. He also opened up about his dad's amazing cooking which he misses.

Eventually Steve felt comfortable going to his father’s grave with Tom. They sat for quite some time which allowed Steve time to process it and let some emotions out. When they got back to Steve just smiled and said 'see you tomorrow'.

Steve is now in school for a lot more hours a week and has begun exercising with Tom during 1 to 1s; Nan says he is doing so in his own time too! He will continue to work with Tom, and has been referred to CAMHS for extra support.