9-year-old Beth lives in the foster care of her grandparents. Having worked with Youth Options a few times over the last few years and regularly attending our Impact sessions, she was very quick to accept a place at our new holiday club, Re:LACs

Beth appears a very confident and loud character who often dominates a space with other young people. On arriving into the sessions, she was keen to be involved but often found regulating her emotions, particularly when interacting with other young people, very difficult. During the first session she struggled with the new space and new staff, and was quick to push boundaries and leave the session when she was feeling overwhelmed.

We were able to provide the much needed 1:1 support for Beth when she was particularly angry or overwhelmed. As the sessions are outdoors, we were able to offer Beth the opportunity to go for a walk in the surrounding area with a member of staff which led to very positive conversations about boundaries and what made her overwhelmed.

By providing a space for Beth to control her anger in a safe and secure environment, it helped her to recognise her own emotions and frustrations.  This then encouraged Beth to monitor her own emotions and approach a member of staff when she felt overwhelmed and needed some space outside of the sessions.

This also had a huge effect on the interactions she had with her peers. She was better at sharing, playing alongside other young people and not just dominating the play but receiving instructions from others and happily taking part.

As the week progressed it was clear that Beth had learnt to respect the boundaries that were put in place to keep her safe. Therefore, the staff were able to give Beth several different activities that earlier in the week would not have been possible. Beth was able to develop more Bushcraft skills such as fire-lighting and chopping wood and was proud of her achievements . This hugely increased her confidence and allowed Beth to look back and see her achievements and how far she had come.