Simon first became involved with Youth Options after we were contacted by his school. He was really struggling with his confidence and had been known to get very angry. As he already had an interest in the outdoors, they thought that our Outdoor Learning Programmes might be just the thing to help Simon.

Henry, one of our Outdoor Learning Leaders, began working with Simon on a one to one basis supporting him to improve his confidence.

His aim was not only to support him to feel better in himself, but to engage with learning and build up positive relationships. 

Our staff are skilled at creating trusting relationships with the young people they support, and it wasn't long before Henry and Simon were making positive changes and learning new skills. 

As soon as I met Simon he had a big smile on his face and we connected immediately

Henry, Outdoor Learning Leader

Within just three weeks Simon's confidence had vastly improved. He has learnt new skills and really excelled at learning and using tools. 

We started off cutting wood slowly but Simon picked it up extremely well and showed a very good instinct and skill at cutting wood.

Henry, Outdoor Learning Leader



Simon Tootls


Not only that, but Simon is more confident at school and his teachers have said that he talks about his time with Youth Options almost everyday. This is a huge development as before working with Henry, Simon would speak negatively or not at all about school work.