"When I moved to Southampton on my own into the YMCA I was offered the opportunity to work with Youth Options to help me gain friends and socialise. I took the opportunity and started working with a keyworker; Rachael.

Rachael met up with me to introduce herself and get to know me a bit better. I went out on a session with a group so she could better understand how well I get in with other people, for example different ages or amount of people. The session I went on was horse riding. I love horse riding! It is one if my favourite things as I used to do it when I was younger, so Rachael took me a few times and I really enjoyed it . 

Another time, Racheal took me out for a bush craft activity day. We learnt how to make fire, woodwork, and some survival skills!

When I first started working with Racheal I would drink a lot. In the last 2 years I've stopped all that with Racheal’s help. She’s helped me through hard times. Racheal has supported me through my breakup, given me loads of advice and just been there for me when no one else has. When I've had no one else to talk she will come over to speak to me or meet me at a coffee shop so I can tell her what going on. The advice she has given has helped me on so many occasions.

When I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, Racheal started to take me swimming because it was healthy for the baby. When I was pregnant Racheal offered me so much support. She picked me up really early in the morning to take me to hospital for my induction and stayed with me for a little while before she had to go to another group. Then she came and saw me once I had my daughter so see how I was doing.

Since she was born, Rachael has taken me out on family trips with my partner and daughter so we can have a nice day out as a family as I don't have transport to get to the nice fun places. Rachael has also helped me move to a new house. When I was stuck in a situation and couldn’t get any help she helped me pack and move and unpack… she’s helped me a few times with that. 

She’s also been to my meeting with for myself and for my daughter when we've had to have a professional opinion on how well I've been doing and if I've been engaging. 

Racheal has done my volunteer training with me and I volunteered with Impact for a long time. This stopped when I fell pregnant, but I want to go back as soon as I can after Covid.

When Racheal first started working with me I had so many professionals working with me; pathways worker, YMCA, Two Saints, and social and family nurses. Now, I only have Racheal and the family nurse, and my Pathways worker is looking to sign me off as well!'