The Big Give is now LIVE!!!! 

This year, Youth Options are taking part in The Big Give Christmas Appeal to raise much needed funds to support children and young people that are suffering from poor mental health as a result of the pandemic.

The Big Give is an annual campaign that helps charities match fund online donations to make a real difference. Our aim is to raise £3,000 through our online appeal. These donations will then be matched by our very generous pledgers and our Big Give Champion, Monday Charitable Trust, to result in an amazing £6,000 to support children and young people affected by the pandemic. You have until the 7th December to donate! 

Why are we doing it?

The pandemic has been tough for children and young people. On top of anxiety about Covid-19, there has been a significant change in routine, changes to education, and the lack of social interaction is affecting social and emotional capabilities. Many have spent long periods indoors without access to nature which is known to negatively affect mental health and wellbeing.

What will we do with the money raised?

Young people need support for issues that have resulted from, or been made worse by, the pandemic.

We will offer 1 to 1 and group sessions to support mental wellbeing and encourage children and young people across the county to realise their potential. All of our work is led by those we support, however there will be focus on nature-based activities,  empowering young people to understand the importance of nature and support them to build up the skills they need to make positive decisions for their futures. 

We are committed to supporting those who need us the most, but we can't do it alone...

How can you help?

We are asking you, our fantastic supporters, to help us reach our target by donating to our online campaign between the 30th November - 7th December via the Big Give Website here: https://bit.ly/YOBigGive.

So put the 30th November in your diaries, and help us to make a difference where it is needed most!