As we come to the end of Lockdown 2 we have another We Care update! 

On the 28th April we launched our We Care Appeal. Our teams were aware that the pandemic was having a huge impact on care leavers.  There are worries over money, food, and a decrease in support networks. Aspirations were low and job searches had been cut short. There was a great sense of loss, loneliness, and many felt like there is no one to turn to.

In response to this, we wanted to increase the support our Step Forward programme was already giving to care leavers, offering those already engaged with us extra help and extending our support to more care leavers in need.

So that is exactly what we did! 

What have we done?

We have now fully spent all the funds donated to us in support of Care Leavers over the pandemic.

In total we have supported 57 care leavers since the beginning of the pandemic, 12 of which we were only able to support due to the extra funding we received.  All of these young people will continue to engage with the project either through key worker support if they are still high need, or accessing our online Monday night Zoom group. 

Over the last 8 months we have: 

  • Supported young people through hundreds of calls and messages. 
  • Run 12 Monday night Zoom sessions including 5 cooking tasks where ingredients were dropped round to the young peoples houses to make things like cakes, cookies, roast dinners and budget meals.
  • Delivered 96 Food Parcels to 35 different young people.
  • Supported young people with financial worries to pay their Gas and Electric bills.
  • Bought £115 worth of children's activities to support young families. 
  • Provided arts and crafts activities to support adults isolating. 
  • Supported young people with essential household items. 
  • Paid for taxis so young people can attend appointments without using public transport. 
  • Engaged young people in outdoor activities such as walks and horse riding. 
  • Provided £80 for a young mother to buy her young children Christmas presents. 
  • Created 40 Christmas Hampers full of festive food, gifts and essential supplies. 


Thank you once again to everyone that donated and made this possible! 

We would like to thank everyone who donated; our wonderful supporters, the Trusts who donated to help support our care leaver programme including the two funders of our pre-Covid Step Forward Programme Henry Smith and Blagrave, family funds, The National Lottery Community Fund and The Haberdashers' Benevolent Foundation.