STEM Forest School

We believe when learning about science, technology, engineering and maths, a hands on, interactive approach is the best way. We have a wide range of activities to challenge children think critically and to solve problems individually and as part of a team.

Camouflage Games

Children will learn how and why animals camouflage themselves and practice creating dens and playing games.

Catapult Challenge

Children will learn to work as part of a team to learn the skills needed to create a catapult to land sponges on the targets and the other team.


Children will learn about the elements to create a fire and make their own sparks. A number of challenges can be incorporated dependant upon the children’s age.


This activity can be done as a class, small group and in pairs. Children navigate their way round the country park using a map, collecting clues to solve the puzzles.

Animal Adaption

Children will learn how different animals adapt to live in the wild including camouflage, dens and hibernation.

Forest School Challenges

Children will work as part of a team to complete a series of forest school challenge. Challenges can include but are not limited to: Stick tower, egg drop, water purification, teddy zip wire and more.


We are constantly coming up with new and exciting activities for children to enjoy please contact us to find out what new activities are available. We also love to be challenged, let us know what you are learning about and we will design activities bespoke for your school.