We are looking for dedicated companies to support the work we do. As with our work with the young people we support, we aim for our business partnerships to be bespoke to the people involved to achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

By joining the Youth Options Business Club, you will play a vital role in supporting thousands of children and young people across Hampshire to improve their life opportunities for a better future.

There are three levels of support to pick from, each offering a difference level of involvement with the charity. For more information download our Business Club Brochure or contact Carly at carlyredwood@youthoptions.org.uk

Why Join?
  • Feel good factor of knowing you are helping those who need support more than ever.
  • Meeting Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Boost Employee engagement and morale
  • Encourage team building
  • Demonstrate to customers your commitment to the helping the community.
  • Brand exposure
  • Flexible and tailored support packages
  • Reach a diverse local audience through our different services, including our childcare provision, social media channels. website and marketing
  • Opportunities to becoming involved with fundraising and events
  • Lots of amazing case studies to show how you are helping
  • Real life examples that link in with your priorities
  • Working with a professional organisation with a dedicated fundraising team who will be able to support you to reach your goals.

If you are interested in joining the club, contact us today. In the meantime, look at the other ways you can support us here.