Our work relies on people like you

As a charity we rely on the kindness of others and their commitment to supporting our work. We are incredibly lucky to have lots of lovely supporters and we are incredibly grateful to each and every one of them. 

How to Donate 

There are now two ways to donate to Youth Options! You can either give a one off donation, or you can sign up to support us with a regular gift. 

  Monthly      Single   

No matter how you decide to support us, you can be sure that your support will make a difference to children and young people in need. 

What Could Your Donation Achieve?

Each and every one of your donations is invaluable to us. 

  • £5 could pay for a parcel of essential supplies for a Care Leaver struggling to afford their shopping each week.
  • £10 could pay for 1 young person to receive an accreditation on one of our Outdoor Learning Programmes.
  • £27 could pay for a Detached Bag full of supplies to support young people in their local areas. 
  • £55 could pay for an hour of 1:1 key work support. This is sometimes the only person that young person will speak to all day. 
  • £100 could pay for a set of woodwork tools for an Outdoor Learning session. These could benefit thousands of young people during their lifetime! 
  • £1,000 could pay for one of our 'Access Outdoors' programmes which shows families how to use local green spaces to benefit their mental wellbeing. 
  • £3,880 could pay for a 10-week online NVR course for 8 families suffering from child to parent violence. 
Our Promise

We have made it our mission to support children and young people to realise their potential, but we know that we can't do that without you. As such, we are committed to making sure your donations are spent wisely and where they are needed most. 

If you would like to help us in our mission then please donate today!

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