Team Building

Our team building days are designed to encourage children to work as part of a team to complete challenges and tasks. Children will develop the essential skills of communication, cooperation and compassion whilst having fun in the outdoors.

Den Building

Children will learn how to work as part of a team to protect themselves from the elements. Added elements can increase the challenge.

Catapult Challenge

Children will learn to work as part of a team to learn the skills needed to create a catapult to land sponges on the targets and the other team.

Campfire Cooking

Children work as a team to learn how to safely have a fire and provide food for their team. Cooking creations can include: bread, marshmallows, drop scones and wild garlic bread.

Blind Trail

Children will create an obstacle course from items in the woodland. Children will then learn how to communicate and guide their partners around the trails.

Forest School Challenges

Children will work as part of a team to complete a series of forest school challenge. Challenges can include but are not limited to: Stick tower, egg drop, water purification, teddy zip wire and more.

Bunting Challenge

Children will learn different woodland art techniques to decorate their own piece of bunting. Children will then come together to create a class, year group or schools worth of woodland bunting.

Camouflage Games   

Children will learn how working as part of a team can make tasks easier and more enjoyable. An element of competition can challenge children’s team working skills.


We are constantly coming up with new and exciting activities for children to enjoy please contact us to find out what new activities are available. We also love to be challenged, let us know what you are learning about and we will design activities bespoke for your school.