Families Together works with parents and young people to support those affected by child to parent violence.

Our programme is unique in that it offers support to the whole family. This includes:

  • Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) training for parents and carers.
  • Youth Support for children and young people.

Our aim is to support families to build positive relationships both in and outside the family unit, empower parents to change their responses and resist violent behaviour, reduce the frequency and severity of violent incidents, support young people to overcome the issues they are facing, and improve school attendance.

This approach helps us to make a difference to the parents, young people, their siblings, their education, and the impact they have within the local community.

What is NVR?

Drawing on traditions of family therapy and methods and ideas of non-violent resistance from Ghandi, NVR focuses on all aspects of family life to provide an intervention that will make sustainable changes.

NVR relies on the commitment of the parent to change giving them the skills they need to overcome their sense of helplessness, develop a support network, and address unmet social, emotional and physical needs which could be linked to disruptive behaviour at home.

You realise very quickly that you are no longer alone on your journey and that’s something I’d not felt in about 12 or 13 years. 

NVR Parent

What We Do

Our team of NVR Practitioners and Youth Support Workers provide 10 week courses tailored to meet the needs of the families involved. Each session focuses on one of the following themes:

  • De-escalation
  • Parental Presence
  • Prioritising Behaviours
  • Support Networks and siblings
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Unmet Needs and Reconciliation Gestures
  • Announcement and Self Announcement
  • Sit-Ins
  • Re-cap, celebration of achievements, and plan for the future

Once the programme ends, parents are invited to our Graduate Parent Support Group which we created to provide ongoing support to families to make sure the changes are sustainable.

Need Support?

If you are a parent or carer with children who show violent, aggressive, controlling or self-destructive behaviours (aged 5 – 17 years) and live in Hampshire (including Southampton, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight) then please get in contact with the team:

Case study

Ruby and her Future

Find out how our Families Together project helped Ruby realise the positive changes she needed to make.

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