Woodland Adventure

Woodland adventures are all about children having fun and enjoying the woodland environment. All activities are designed to inspire and challenges them. Activities can be themed to a topic or book you are working on.


Children will learn how and why animals camouflage themselves and practice creating dens and playing games.

Den Building

Children will learn the uses of shelters and what is needed to create a successful shelter. You can choose the building material: natural materials, tarps or both.


Children will learn what is required to start a fire and stay safe around the fire. They will of course toast a marshmallow.

Forest Crafts

Children will learn different techniques to create a woodland craft to take away e.g. forest eyes, leaf crowns and many, many, many more.


Children will learn how to safely use tools to create a wooden medallion to take away.

Scavenger Hunts

Children will learn all about their senses and adjectives as they set of to find something sharp, tall, big and small. Different themes can be given to the walk.

Journey Sticks

Children will learn to enjoy the woodland as they take a walk collecting items to add to their journey sticks.

Alphabet Walk

Children will experience the woodland as they are challenged to find an item for each of the letters of the alphabet.

Mini Den Building

Children will learn what different creatures need to survive and create mini dens to live in. They will practice their powers of explanation as they explain the features of their dens.


We are constantly coming up with new and exciting activities for children to enjoy, please contact us to find out what new activities are available. We also love to be challenged, let us know what you are learning about and we will design activities bespoke for your school.